The Year of the Tiger

I’m a little late with this post, but allow me to be the umpteenth person to wish you a Happy New Year. Also, good luck writing 2022 on every form or check you fill out. So far, I’m zero for 3 attempts. But, hey, at least I’m consistent!

I’m not a true believer when it comes to astrological charts, but I do like to check out the Chinese horoscope for the year and it appears that 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger, a sign signaling “significant” change.

Since we are house-hunting in the Texas hill country north of San Antonio, I may be a bit more of a true believer than usual because significant change is most definitely coming. Heck, the first big change installment happened last September, when we sold our Seattle home and moved 2,700 miles east, ending up in a rental house next to a pair of huskies who howl at o’dark thirty most mornings. I love dogs as much as the next person, but I could handle some more significant change in the form of moving into our “forever” house, miles away from those cute but very loud canine alarm clocks.

So, significant change is coming. Okay. Check. I’m down for that.

The water element of this sign amplifies the “vital force, health, and essence” of the tiger’s spirit. As I’m now one of the many (MANY) people recovering from the latest Covid variant, I’m also down for all the vitality I can get. Plus, I’m very grateful that I’m otherwise healthy.

January, February, and March are predicted to be very good months this year. I’m happy to read any and all optimistic forecasts, but I’m also a big believer in making the best use of our time. So I will work on making these good, productive writing months so that Char will stop impatiently tapping her foot and trust that she’ll soon have a new mystery to solve. With any luck, sometime this spring!

Until then, I wish you a happy and healthy year of the Tiger. Coincidentally, my seven year-old granddaughter presented her latest work of art to her grandfather last weekend. Or maybe it was a sign that January is already shaping up to be a good month. Yep, I can be down for that too.

Cheers – and thanks for stopping by!

Tiger courtesy of my artistic granddaughter.