Holiday News



Happy Holidays!

For the first time ever, Mom/Grandma (or Mimi as my little darling calls me) completed her shopping three weeks early, someone else is cooking Christmas dinner, and the tree is trimmed, so my holiday prep-work is done – yay!  I’m now happy to turn my attention to getting together with family and friends. That includes hanging out with my fictional pals in Port Merritt, where a summer wedding is being planned. For those of you who are new to my Working Stiffs Mystery series, I won’t spoil the mystery and dish out any scoop about the bride and groom, or the murder that may disrupt the festivities (hey, I write murder mysteries so we gotta have one of those!). Yes, it’s going to be quite the summer event when Working Stiffs Mysteries–book 6 hits your favorite online bookstore, so stay tuned. I’ll post more news as it becomes available. In the meantime, I’m going to pour some eggnog into a steaming cup of Duke’s coffee and listen to the latest gossip that Lucille’s serving up in the cafe. You never know, some of it might just find its way into my next book.  🙂

On the subject of time, I know you have many options for where to spend yours. On behalf of Char, Steve, and all your Duke’s Cafe friends, we’re so very grateful for your fine company over this past year, and we wish you good health and happy reading throughout 2018!