New Years Resolutions

It’s January first. You know what that means for a lot of us. It’s decision time. Are we going to keep that New Year’s resolution? You know, the same one that we made last year and didn’t keep. Or the one that we’ll get to when the time is “right” because we don’t make New Year’s resolutions. That’s pretty much where I land when this date rolls around on the calendar. Maybe it’s because I have two new calendars, and the act of taking down the old ones so that I can hang the new ones is a mental signal that it’s “go time” for any goals that I had put on hold for the holidays.

So it’s a new year, and my brain is telling me that . . .

It is time to take action, time to clear a path forward (which may involve cleaning my office), and it’s most definitely time for me to shake off my sugar hangover of the holidays! The pounds involved in acquiring that hangover, too!

So ready, steady, and GO! Venture forth into 2019 (even though it doesn’t seem possible that another year has gone by) and make it a great year, one full of good health, love and laughter. And, of course, good reading!

Thanks for stopping by – and to my readers, THANK YOU for your support in 2018!