It Has Definitely Been a Year

2022 has most definitely been a year.

Between September 2021 and April 2022, my husband and I moved twice (and I’m still looking for some items that I KNOW I packed!) — once into a rental while we house-hunted and the second time into our “forever” home in the Texas Hill Country north of San Antonio.

As a small town girl originally from northern California, I never envisioned myself living in the big, ol’ state of Texas, but our granddaughter is here, and now, so are we.  On the plus side, I can have a humongous garden and grow veggies most of the year, unlike in the Seattle area, where my tomatoes rarely had enough heat to ripen. But I have also discovered that you need to pick those veggies before the temperature drops 50 degrees overnight, because it will! Like a year ago on this very day. I picked the last of my lettuce crop on New Year’s Eve and by morning everything was in a deep freeze. Including me! Brrr!!!

What didn’t happen after the unpacking and organizing (and searching for things like a treasure hunt!), and paint color selecting, and workmen coming and going, etc, along with some delightful granddaughterly distractions, is the book I had wanted to release in the fall. Lack of trying wasn’t the issue, but focus throughout much of 2022 sure was. The great thing about having moved and all the work that went with it is that it’s done! Now, I can settle in and finish Working Stiffs Mystery book #9 (Farewell Mr. Lovely). I can allow myself to have a creative thought or two without feeling like I should be painting something or reorganizing my office.

Okay, I really should reorganize my messy office, but I know where everything is right now, so I don’t dare move anything.  And I don’t want to take the time. I want to kick off the New Year with book progress.

I have a feeling that you want the same thing, so let’s look forward to 2023 as a year of getting things accomplished, whatever our short-term goals may be. Tops on my list will be completing and releasing Farewell Mr. Lovely. Release date news will be posted in my newsletter as it becomes available so be sure to subscribe!  Until then, I wish you a happy and healthy 2023!