Farewell Mr. Lovely

A Working Stiffs Mystery, Book 9


Charmaine Digby’s holiday season is off to a rocky start. Half the family gets food poisoning from a disastrous Thanksgiving at Marietta’s house. Then Char’s cop boyfriend Steve is called out to the scene of a fatal car crash.

What’s worse, the guy who died was romancing Heather, Char’s nemesis since the sixth grade, and Heather shows up on Char’s doorstep to insist this wasn’t just an accident.

What’s even worse, Heather wants Char to use her skills as a human lie detector to unravel the mystery behind her lover’s death!

What mystery? The guy died because of a car accident. That’s what Steve told Char, and he hadn’t lied. But there’s something about this “accident” that doesn’t add up.

But does it add up to murder?