Coming really, REALLY soon

Remember that new book that I thought would have an August 27th release date?

Yeah, it seems that a certain author was a little overly optimistic when she looked at the calendar and declared that date eminently do-able. Although I wish I had that kind of declarative power.

I declare that I will lose 5 pounds by midnight. Heck, if I could make that happen, let’s make it 10 pounds!

I will plot my next book in 3 days max. I already have some ideas brewing, but 3 days? It takes me longer than that to come up with the book title!

And that new crown that my dentist says I need won’t hurt me a bit. I so declare. (Oh, how I wish I could make this one true!)

I might as well face it – I have no superpowers to draw on when it comes to this publishing biz. Although I do have a coffee cup (pictured below) that mentions my one superpower. Personally, I think the “magic beans” I use to fill that cup make all the difference. There is no “go” without the go juice.

This Labor Day weekend, the “juice” will be flowing because it will be all systems go toward the publication of Char’s newest adventure in sleuthing, Crazy, Stupid, Dead (Working Stiffs Mystery #7).

I expect Crazy, Stupid, Dead (ebook format) to become available on Amazon and all the major online stores no later than September 6th. Really!

September 6th is eminently do-able.

Let me rephrase that: I have the book back from my wonderful editor and it’s currently being prepped for release, so this puppy has almost made it to the finish line. Woo-hoo!

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Thank you for stopping by – and thank you for your patience as I work to make Crazy, Stupid, Dead the best it can be!   🙂

My superpower cup. Works best when full!