December 9, 2016



My foray into writing began back (way back!) when an episode of the Man From U.N.C.L.E didn’t end to my childish mind’s satisfaction, and I set out to write the happy ending I thought Napoleon Solo deserved. Yep, the romantic in me revealed herself pretty dang early.

And then there was that moment in junior high school, when my science teacher tested our powers of observation. Holding a small block of wood with a paring knife wedged into it, Mr. Burdick instructed the class to write what we saw on a sheet of paper. Everyone, with the exception of one student, wrote what they saw: a block of wood with a knife in it which I thought was quite unimaginative. Yeah, I was that lone exception who “saw” a heart that had been stabbed with a knife. So I guess it should have come as no surprise when dead bodies kept showing up in the happily-ever-after stories I was trying to write!

Years later, when I embraced my inner Nancy Drew, I blended my favorite genres and wrote TRUDY, MADLY, DEEPLY (Working Stiffs Mystery Book 1), a fun-filled cozy mystery blended with a dollop of romance.

My Working Stiffs Mystery series is set in the fictional town of Port Merritt, Washington, across the Sound from Seattle, where I lived with the love of my life for thirty years and raised two sons. I now reside in the Texas Hill Country and am a proud grandma.

Media Kit/ Short Bio

Wendy Delaney writes fun-filled cozy mysteries and is the award-winning author of the Working Stiffs Mystery series. A long-time member of Mystery Writers of America, she’s a Food Network addict and pastry chef wannabe. When she’s not killing off story people she can be found on her treadmill, working off the calories from her latest culinary adventure. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Wendy lives in the Texas Hill Country with the love of her life and is a proud grandma.