Big News for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

Every day this April in the Pacific Northwest, Mother Nature has been reminding me that this is a season of change. All the cherry trees are in bloom, the rhododendrons and azaleas are alive with color after our long, cold winter, and my front lawn suddenly needs mowing! But those aren’t the only changes going on in my world.

As of this post, Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscribers can download all the books in my Working Stiffs Mystery series and read for free(!) for the next 3 months. I know that a lot of my readers have been waiting for this opportunity, so I’m happy to let you know that your wait is over. This limits availability for non-Amazon shoppers, but after this brief 3-month period (concluding July 6th, 2019), all the Working Stiffs mysteries will once again be available everywhere digital books are sold. And shortly after that, I should have a date when you can expect Crazy, Stupid, Dead, Working Stiffs Mystery #7, to make its debut into the world, so be sure to stop back this summer!

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Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!